Thai Food. Cook it up at Green Gecko

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Maddeningly Marvellous Munching at this Thailand Holiday Villa

During your stay at Green Gecko, we hope you will enjoy a number of Thai dishes with which you may already be familiar, as well as discovering some more regional and unusual cuisine. Remember, your vacation at Green Gecko includes authentic, freshly prepared meals cooked for you. Instead of being tied to the kitchen as in most self catering homes, you will have all the more time to laze by the pool or get out and about.

We grow much of our produce organically on the grounds of the Thailand holiday villa, to ensure that our ingredients are as fresh and as tasty as possible.

As the seasons vary, you will see Thai herbs such as basil, chili, lemongrass, coriander, mint, dill, pandanus and kaffir lime growing here, as well as ripe fruit such as mango, banana, papaya, lime, passion fruit, jackfruit, coconut and more. We also bake our own bread.

During your stay, we prepare fresh meals daily, and will be happy to adapt to any preferences that you may have - perhaps in terms of how spicy you like your meals, or in line with any dietary requirements you may have.

Northeastern or Thai Isan Cuisine

The cuisine of Northeast Thailand, or Isan food, is less well known outside of Thailand, yet is highly popular within the country, where Isan restaurants proliferate throughout the kingdom. Whereas the Northeast's renowned green papaya salad (or "som tam") and grilled chicken comprise one of the Thais' favourite meals, numerous other dishes await the visitor to the Northeast.

Many Isan dishes are characterized by their freshness, spiciness and unparalleled zing. They are often deceptively easy to prepare, but the quality of the raw ingredients - as in so many other cuisines - is paramount.

Meals in the Northeast are generally accompanied by sticky rice, rather than by the plain steamed rice that is more normally associated with Thai food elsewhere.

Do try a good beef "laap", a sweet and aromatic "neua jum" soup, a "nam tok" made with freshly charcoal-grilled meat, a fiery "som tam", or a crunchy "tam tua" salad! And do enjoy the plethora of fresh fruit for which Thailand is so deservedly known.

Thailand Celiac Card, Allergies, Vegetarians and Vegans

If you have any particular food allergy, are vegetarian or vegan, or need a celiac diet, do simply let us know at the time of booking, and we will be happy to prepare and cook meals for you that respect your requirements.

Celiacs will find our Thai and English language celiac card and details of travel in Thailand as a celiac on our Thailand gluten-free travel page.

Thai cooking lessons

If you share our passion for Thai food, and would like to learn the secrets and methods used in the preparation of any of the Thai dishes during your holiday at Green Gecko, we will be delighted to show you how these are made.

Indeed, why not broaden the experience and accompany us in a fascinating expedition to the local markets, or join us as we pick herbs or vegetables from our gardens (where you will not mistake which plant is galangal and which is pandanus, and will learn to distinguish verdant grass from aromatic lemongrass), before moving into the kitchen to prepare your meal?

There is no need to book a Thai cooking lesson at Green Gecko, and no charge for sharing the secrets of the Isaan kitchen!