Experience the Thai Way of Life

Thailand villa vacation rental

Relax & Indulge at this Thailand Holiday Villa

Whether you wish to remain fully independent, to be accompanied to certain local sights or activities, or to be fully integrated into the authentic, local way of life at Green Gecko, the choice is yours!

Green Gecko is situated in a part of Thailand rarely visited by foreigners, so traditions and the rhythms of daily life have generally remained more unchanged than elsewhere in the kingdom.

If you are looking to unwind, seeking a rural retreat at which to relax to the maximum under a tropical sun, then you will be delighted at Green Gecko!

Laze with a good book beside the bubbling clear waters of your own swimming pool, and quench your thirst with a freshly squeezed lime juice, passion fruit cocktail, sweet iced lemongrass tea or freshly blended chilled mango juice (knowing these have all been picked locally and squeezed just for you!) Sumptuous Thai meals will be prepared for you, so you avoid the troubles of cooking meals, and the washing up will sort itself out...

Indulge in a traditional Thai massage - either in the local village or in the comfort of Green Gecko itself.

A Thai Adventure

At and around the Thai villa and further afield are numerous places of historical interest or natural beauty, and a plethora of activities beckons for those of all ages.

Try your hand at Thai cooking! We will be happy to accompany you to the local markets, to help you choose the required ingredients from our own organic herb and fruit gardens, or to simply teach you how to make a variety of traditional Thai and Northeastern dishes.

Learn to cook Thai food  Pink lotus lake Thailand  Thai samlor tuk tuk at the villa

Visit the Ban Chiang archaeological museum, and the historic village itself to see its traditional pottery designs.

Help out in the rice fields - either planting the seedlings, harvesting the rice or threshing it - depending on the season.

Experience local festivals and traditional rites - be these typical holidays such as Loy Krathong, Songkran and Ork Phansa, or private weddings, funerals or initiation rites. Attend a mor-lam music festival with its particular dancing style, and copious quantities of the preferred moonshine - rice whisky!

For star gazers, the nights at Green Gecko are often spectacular, with a vast, clear panoply of luminescent stars shimmering in the dark sky. However, don't let the bright neon emerald flittings of the fireflies distract you..

Cycle on our bicycles around the countryside to soak up the slow - but often arduous - pace of life in the rice fields. Or go local and learn to drive our country tuk-tuk (or samlor) so that you can meander along the back roads incognito...

If you feel guilty about whiling away the afternoon with a traditional Thai massage, then justify this indulgence by first undergoing a Muay Thai (Thai boxing) training session.

Visit the local village temples, or awake early to participate in morning alms giving.

Water buffalo  Thailand village school  Rice paddies at Green Gecko

Visit a local school - and encourage the children to practice their English skills (if you do have an old laptop you no longer use, or other articles that the school could use, any donation would be highly appreciated!) We do all we can to assist the local Nam Thieng primary school, where around 165 local children study. Teachers are delighted to welcome guests to the facility so schoolchildren can hone their basic English, and guests can make direct donations.

Enjoy a drive to the local waterfalls (in season), to Phu Phra Bat Park with its prehistoric cave paintings and old rock formations, to Phu Foilom historical park, to the cobra farmers of Kok Sa-Nga, or to the border town of Nong Khai on the Mekong river (from where you may cross the Friendship Bridge over into Laos and its capital, Vientiane.) Drivers and vehicle hire for such trips may be arranged at cost.

Explore the area with a camera for some enticing shots - be these landscapes, or portraits of the characters you will meet. The possibilities for photography here are multifarious and several professional photographers have used the property as a base.

Talay Bua Daeng or Red Lotus Sea

Explore the Nong Han listed wetlands with their water buffaloes, dramatic pink lotus flowers, and variety of rare birds. We will be happy to arrange a wooden boat for you to steer you through this extraordinary setting.