Thailand Villa Holiday Questions

Thailand villa vacation rental

Questions on your Thai villa holiday? Ask us!

Please do not hesitate to email us directly should you have any questions about travel to the villa, the house and accommodation itself, or about your proposed stay at Green Gecko. We will do all we can to answer your questions in detail, and as rapidly as possible.

Booking the Thai Villa

You may immediately check that the house is free for the period of your stay via our villa availability page. To book the property, please either email us via with the chosen dates of your stay and the number of guests, or fill in the web contact form here.

You may also telephone us on +66-81-9180500 (Thai time: GMT +7 hours)

What is the Full Address of the Villa?

The full postal address of Green Gecko is:

126 Moo 13, Baan Um Jaan, A. . Prajak Sinlapakhom, Udon Thani 41110, Thailand.

Thailand Visas

Most Westerners may enter Thailand with an entry stamp given  on arrival (valid for 30 days.) Nationals of most Asian countries are also automatically granted leave to enter Thailand.

If you do need a visa, or intend to stay over thirty days, you can obtain a 60 or 90 day visa at most Thai embassies and consulates. This can usually be done at your local Thai consulate or by mail.

Things to Bring

Clothes, medicines, film and other goods are normally very good value in Thailand. Even suitcases to repatriate your purchases are inexpensive! You might consider bringing:

A Thai phrase book (if possible with phrases written in Thai) if you wish to explore by yourselves in the surrounding villages (but smiles and gesticulations work just as well!)

Prescription medicines if needed, although most are readily purchased over the counter in Thailand.

Suntan lotion

An adapter if required for your notebook, mobile telephone, digital camera etc., and spare batteries if these are not of a standard size.

Books and magazines if you plan to laze by the pool: there are a number of books at the property, but we suggest you choose your own books in your chosen language before arrival, as bookshops are not easily accessible or particularly inspiring outside of Bangkok.

A camera or video camera, with film/tape...and a charger


Cotton clothes: these are lightweight and cool, and they dry quickly.

Arriving, Meals & Details

Check-in & check-out times
Whenever you like! All we ask is that you send us your scheduled arrival and departure times.

Who will pick us up at the airport and  take care of us?
You will be met at the airport and looked after throughout your stay by an extended local Thai family. They live in a small village fairly close by, so are readily contactable, whilst they also respect your privacy.

The family has lived in the area for years, and is composed of villagers from around the Northeast, although most of them are from the Udon Thani and Khon Kaen areas.

Will it be possible to be shown around the area?
Yes! If you would like a guide or translator, or a driver and car, please just let us know! All we would ask is that you help out with the fuel prices (or vehicle rentals where required) for longer journeys.

Do we need to bring our own towels, or sheets?
No. All bed linen is provided, as are towels and toiletries.

The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary equipment, crockery, cutlery etc...even with a cook!

What kind of food do you serve?
Throughout your stay, we will cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for you (if required) at no additional cost. Whilst self-catering holiday houses are popular, most guests will prefer to indulge in the luxury of additional free time whilst on holiday, or to learn how to cook Thai food from the Thais themselves. Do inform us if you have any allergies, preferences or dislikes, or are vegetarian etc.

We load up the refrigerator before you arrive, so feel free to help yourself to a cold beer, a cool mango or whatever!

Will I have any additional expenses?
Bookings at Gecko Green include airport transfers at the start and end of your holiday at the villa, all meals taken at the property, as well as maid and laundry services.

You will probably want to bring some cash for shopping, private expenses, or a Thai traditional massage, or for vehicle rental where required.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Deposits on bookings at the Thai villa that are subsequently cancelled at least 90 days prior to the reserved check-in date may be applied to future stays realized within 6 months of the originally booked date.

Can I use my mobile phone at Green Gecko?
Yes. Mobile telephone reception is good.

Will my electrical goods work in Thailand?
The current in Thailand is 220V(AC) (50 Hz). If you need a 110 volt transformer, then do bring one with you. The most common socket is the two flat pronged American type, but round prongs are also seen throughout the kingdom.

Power outages or electricity cuts are still relatively common in Thailand. They normally only last for a few minutes.

The Weather in Thailand

Thailand generally enjoys hot weather throughout the year. Summer is between March and May, whilst the green season runs from June to October. The cool season runs from November to early February.

Each of these periods brings out a different facet of life here. A stay during the green season will see you surrounded by emerald rice paddies and the commotion of the rice planting season. A year-end break will ensure balmy sunny days and cool evenings with starry nights, whilst a summer visit will not disappoint those looking for a holiday in a hot climate.

Shopping, Tipping and Taboos

Is it normal to bargain in Thailand?
Yes and no. It really depends where you are. You should not try to bargain at sidewalk food stalls, in restaurants, supermarkets or department stores. In open markets or unbranded malls you may try your luck! Remember, just feign a slight lack of interest in what you are attempting to buy, smile broadly throughout, make a joke, and smile again...

Is it normal to tip while I'm in Thailand?
In general, you should only tip in better restaurants, or just round up a taxi charge if you wish to show goodwill. In a hotel or resort, as in a restaurant, do physically give the tip to the person in question instead of just leaving it on the tray with your change. In this way you are signalling that the person who has received the tip is entitled to keep it for him/herself.

Are there any do's and don'ts?

Do smile; don't loose your patience.

Being polite and respectful goes a long way in Thailand. Apart from the obvious, do note:

- not to be disrespectful to a Buddha image

- not to disrespect the Royal Family.

- not to touch people on the head (even children) - and apologize if you mistakenly do so.

Women should never touch Buddhist monks, and should never hand anything directly to a monk. Rather, she should hand the object to a man, who then hands it to the monk.

Do not show the base of your feet or point them.

The traditional Thai "wai" - greeting someone by placing your hands together - should generally be returned. You would not normally return a child's wai, and a wai to you by a waiter when entering a restaurant can equally be acknowledged with a smile and a slight bow of the head. There can be several intricacies here depending on age, status and face, but a simple rule is to return a wai when given - you will be forgiven for any faux pas more easily than should you not return a wai when one was expected!

The Thais are generally conservative when it comes to dress, and an unkempt appearance can appear rude in the wrong setting.

As for any journey to a foreign country, it is advisable to take out travel insurance.