Thailand Villas

Thailand villas

Thailand Villas make Better Holidays

Thailand villas used to be few and far between.  Over time however, as visitors to the kingdom grew tired of monotonous hotel rooms and crowds around pools,  a Thailand villa holiday has become an increasing popular choice.

Today, Thailand villas come in many guises. The main differentiating factors centre around the availability of a private swimming pool, the extent of services offered, and, crucially, the  independence of the villa in question and the authenticity that it can guarantee.

Nowadays, the majority of properties advertised as Thailand villas are not single properties with a unique character, but are more akin to separate suites in a Thai resort's inventory. A hotel may therefore house most of its guests in large blocks of adjoining rooms, and then offer villas as a suite category. These are typically terraces of identical units within a hotel compound. They may well offer space, but independence and authenticity are sacrificed. Alternatively, Thailand villas are often second homes offered for rent by a distant owner, either directly or via a letting agent, where a personalized and local service is not provided.

Green Gecko is a private Thailand villa, owned by locals, and operated by local villagers, that oozes authenticity and privacy, away from the crowds. If you seek a genuine experience of Thailand, among Thais, then we hope that a villa holiday with us will exceed your expectations.

A Thai Villa offering value for money

Green Gecko is determined to offer visitors the chance to enjoy an experiential holiday in Thailand at rates that are competitive as possible. Unlike Thailand villas that form part of a hotel's "keys" - and which charge a basic nightly rate before engaging in "upselling" food and beverage sales or service charges - we believe that the cost of your villa holiday with us should be utterly clear from the outset.

When you book a holiday at our Thai villa, you can rest assured that the cost quoted will include:

  • Exclusive use of the whole villa
  • Your own private swimming pool
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for each guest
  • Collection at, and the return trip to, the airport at Udon Thani (or other location in town of your choice)
  • Cleaning, laundry and maid services at the villa
  • A stocked refrigerator, not a minibar. If you'd like a cold beer, help yourself. You will not be charged a thing.

You will not be charged:

  • Any additional service charges, hidden taxes or whatever
  • An internet connection fee (we abhor the outrageous charges often imposed by resorts for this!)
  • Fees for a child cot, or help babysitting
  • Early or late check-in fees
  • Guide fees or transportation charges for visits in the immediate vicinity.

The only additional funds you may require will be for personal expenses, traditional Thai massage sessions, museum entrance fees, lotus lake boat hire, or trips requiring a car and driver for expeditions that you may wish to make to places further away from the villa, such as Laos, Nong Khai, Khon Kaen etc.

Thailand Villas on the internet

A quick search on the web will return a wealth of Thai villas for rent across the country. We encourage potential guests to use rental listing sites to identify a selection of Thailand villas that may appeal to them, and then to deepen their search to find the villa owner's own website and make contact directly. You are looking for prompt and comprehensive replies from a conscientious owner. You will want to be assured that booking direct will guarantee you the best possible rate. And you will in all likelihood want to do some background checks on the main review sites to reassure yourself that the properties you have selected are both genuine  - and the right choice for you.

Why not combine a stay at two or more Thailand villas?

We would of course be delighted should you decide to spend your entire vacation in Thailand at Green Gecko. However, particularly for longer holidays, you may well wish to take advantage of the flexibility that short minimum stays at many Thailand villas offer. Why not gain a richer and more varied experience of the kingdom, staying, for example, a week with us in the countryside, and a second week on a beach in the south? With Thailand's ever more competitive airline network, this is now easy to organize (as an example, you can fly direct from Udon Thani to Phuket for a beach holiday, or to Chiang Mai for a villa holiday in the north.)

If you would like some recommendations from us for such a combination stay, do just drop us a line with an idea of the kind of villa you are looking for - with a rough location and price guide. As we know a number of other Thailand villa owners across the country, we'll be happy to help!